An unconventional, data driven business-to-business sales & marketing veteran.
I help my clients & employers target & win high value buyers. Each company is unique, each of it's customers are unique and so our approach to growth should be tailored and powerfully compelling for your highest and best buyers. I focus on the following 7 pillars of sales & marketing:
+ Marketing Communications, Planning & Oversight 
+ Forecasting & Data Analytics Initiatives
+ Salesforce Management Strategy
+ Digital Strategy & Development
+ Unconventional 
+ Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Data Analytics
+ Small Business Consulting + Sourcing

REMCON Plastics : Sales & Business Development
Mitchell Jones Consulting : Sales & Sourcing
Meija Consolidated Solar : Pricing & Analysis
Counseling Services of PA : Customer Growth Campaign
Everstaff Staffing : Business Development
Greater Reading Visitors Bureau : Marketing & Digital  
Lamar Advertising : Sales 
Penske Truck Leasing : Sales 
NAI Keystone : Commercial & Investment Real Estate

It may sound like boasting but I do the most important thing for a company : create new business opportunities to grow earnings.
Ph: 484/ 525/ 0023/
Em: theseitzgroup /at/ gmail.com
Offices: Wayne / Pennsylvania

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"Rarely will you find a group who can successfully connect with new business opportunities. Ryan's group does this and more. His persistence and warm demeanor have opened many doors and produced many large clients for Butler Manufacturing. I highly recommend contacting Ryan for your business and it's growth."

   Bruce L. Bortree, Sr. Director of Business Development
   Butler Manufacturing/ BlueScope Steel

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Expertise: Targeted Marketing, Sales Strategy, and Prescriptive Data Analytics
△ All of the above differentiate me from a typical executive
  • Identifying, targeting and converting existing and prospective buyers with the highest "Lifetime Value" to the firm.
  • Generating new revenue by using cohort group data analytics, CLV segmentation, Pareto Analysis and unique integrated campaign plans.
  • Capturing relevant data, conducting predictive analysis and providing course of action based from the world class methodologies of Wharton Business School
  • Bridging the sales-marketing divide by translating day-to-day front line intelligence into effective campaign action plans for management review
  • Sourcing, managing, optimizing and mitigating "avant-garde" marketing experiments
  • Providing insight on millennial influences and behaviors
  • Learning everything I can from great people
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