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Marcus & Millichap
The Woodlands/ Texas

"I first met Ryan when we were both studying for our Masters in Commercial Real Estate (MCRE) designation in Atlanta, GA. What struck me about Ryan was his clarity of perspective and his salesmanship. These are both critical traits for business and personal success. Additionally, he is very driven, has read a lot of the same books I have, and he shares several common goals. Ryan and I work in different parts of the country, but we share the same "prosperity" mindset. I plan to continue to work with him again in the future in real estate and media. "

Manager of Qualitative Data
Penske Corp/ Reading/ Pennsylvania

"I had the pleasure of working with Ryan on several projects and he brings a positive attitude, enthusiasm, creativity, and fresh ideas to the work team. He is also a quick learner and has the ability to work independently or as part of a team. I highly recommend Ryan for his work ethic, intelligence, and willingness to tackle any project."

Chief Software Architect
Cengage Learning/ Boston/ Massachusetts 

"Ryan is nothing short of a dedicated  expert in business development. Furthermore, his reach gives him the ability to work hard and prove himself anywhere in the world. As an owner of multiple companies I realize the value of a motivated, hardworking, persistent and focused professional. Ryan has proven to be all three and more."

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