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PORTFOLIO Nothing happens without a sale. I specialize in closing more of those-- sales, that is-- for business to business clients around the world. With a highly customized two pronged (both proactive & reactive) sales/ marketing plan in place we use strategic tactics to pinpoint, get in front of and close more high level sales more frequently on behalf of our clients. We are experts in filling the pipeline with qualified prospects and excel at getting the big presentation to your dream customer. Here is a word from a satisfied client: "Rarely will you find a person who can successfully find, call on and connect with Senior Level Executives and business owners. Ryan does all three and more. His persistence and warm demeanor have opened many doors for our sales department and produced many large clients for Butler Manufacturing. I highly recommend Ryan for your business and it's growth." Bruce L. Bortree Sr. Director of Business Development Butler Manufacturing/ BlueScope Steel Our tactics are proven, our ideas are fresh and our work ethic is unmatched. Please call for a free consultation.

A Decade of Experience as a Business Developer
We are a specialized team of sales and marketing experts, with a dash of advertising insight. We focus on growing sales for the small to medium enterprise in PA, NY, MD and surrounding markets yet have a global reach. Our team couples a vast network of developers, designers and strategists with 20+ years of experience. We've created over $71 Million in client sales. Please have a look around, remember our primary focus is on increasing client sales with smart technique and guerilla marketing and we invite you to contact us for a free sit down:


All inqueries will be tended to in under 2 hours*
*Subject to change as per meeting and training schedules
For a decade Ryan has trained & practiced in the art of high level b2b sales. He has been a part of over $42,000,000 USD in transactions across multiple industries. While trained "classically" in Business Management & Industrial Relations from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, he began his career at the Marketing School of Hard Knocks selling commercial real estate just outside of Philadelphia. Ryan's ingenuity & creativity developed highly qualified buyers for his real estate clientele in the worst economic environment since 1929. His attention to detail and consultative approach made a nice primer for advising both the buyer and seller side of a transaction. Ryan's experience in commercial real estate allowed for a natural transition into sales & marketing consultancy. In addition to commercial real estate, Ryan held roles in advertising, retail sales, b2c sales, telemarketing, staffing and economic development. From day one, Ryan always thought of his employer as his client, and the customer as a buyer.
His specialties include:

> Arranging sales presentations on behalf of his clients with "big whale" prospective customers.
> Advising and executing on new & proven sales technique,
> Advertising placement, strategy, research & creative development
> Developing a durable competitive advantage
> Results driven marketing communications, research & planning
> Commercial/ Business Real Estate insight & site selection

His focus is locating, attracting & interacting with the senior level of the highest and best of customers, of his clients business. The actions that most sales people hate and avoid is where Ryan and his team excel. Coupled with comprehensive marketing research, transaction management, customer service and a proven model to find and capture new qualified customers, The Seitz Group has seen a client base that has more than tripled. "Generating more high value customers is our business"

His team includes:
Staffing Specialist
Marketing Specialist
Sales Specialist
Creative Director
Virtual Assistant

TSG > Client > Highest & Best Customer > Referral

Proactive > Seeking/ Targeting/ Measuring/ Calibrating ; Finding the whales, and casting the reel
Reactive > Capturing ; Casting a net from a very large ship
Research > Demographics/ Product / People / Price / Placement / Pricing / Promotion

Understand > Canvass > Lead Gen > Qualify > Presentation > Expectation management > Negotiate > Close > Deliver > Manage > Referral

Budget > Plan > Creative > Purchase > Measure

Client Testimonials
Case Study
Abridged Client List
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